Start with the user not the device

Managing users’ requirements used to be simple. Until recently (and still today in many organizations), employees had little choice about which devices and applications they used at work.

Today’s environment has changed dramatically.

On top of this, more and more devices (especially tablets and smart phones) are entering the workplace and they don’t all belong to employers. People want to use the same devices at work as they do at home.

So in this rapidly changing world, how can IT leaders manage the challenge of keeping end-users happy by enabling them to work in the way they want, where they want and with the applications and devices they want while still working within a secure and cost effective corporate environment?

Success going forwards will mean a change of mind-set. IT assets, IT inventory, application purchases and usage and organizational content can no longer be totally centrally managed. IT will have to embrace the new world rather than trying to control or prevent it.

Centrix Software can help. With the richest, deepest understanding of application, content and device usage across your entire organization, we can ensure you have the right information to make the right decisions. No matter where you are on your windows migration, our insight and analytics will help you deliver on time.

We’ll also help you to deliver the best experience your users demand in an ever-changing environment. Consistent access to content and applications, regardless of device and location is becoming a necessity, not a desirable.

See how our solutions can help you answer your questions and deliver the results you need.

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