Windows XP Migration

Despite the news that Windows XP Support for Anti-Malware protection has been extended by Microsoft until July 2015, all other deadlines remain unchanged. The Anti-Malware protection provided by Microsoft (read their Guide below) will just improve security and doesn’t affect the supportability of Windows XP for other products. It certainly won’t tackle malicious code designed to specifically target files in the operating system itself.

Watch Paul Taylor, the Financial Times' Connected Business editor, discuss the potential risks for companies continuing to use Windows XP with Michael Silver and Steve Kleynhans, Windows and Office experts at Gartner.

You might not have time to beat the deadline but you can still cut 50% from your costs and 9 months from your project time

Our workspace profiling and analytics data provides organizations with the deepest, richest insight into user, application, device and content usage. This enables the identification of exactly which users, applications, devices and data need to be migrated, typically resulting in significantly lower risks and fewer compatibility issues, as high as 95% in some instances.

Without understanding detailed usage, Windows XP migrations seem complex and time-consuming. By understanding usage, organizations can immediately to start to remove potential migration roadblocks and identify quick wins to the business, identifying those users, applications and devices that can be migrated with no remediation required.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager customer?

For customers of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, we also provide capabilities to integrate our usage profiling directly into the SCCM interface, enabling companies to maximize their SCCM investment and significantly accelerate their desktop migration by automatically provisioning and de-provisioning applications.

Key Benefits

  • Cut the costs of packaging, remediating and migrating apps by up to 50%
  • Cut 8 to 9 months from a typical 12 month migration project
  • Find the 95% of apps incompatible with Windows 7 or 8 that are never used and remove them from the migration list, saving time and money



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