Virtual Desktops


There are 2 primary challenges when considering virtual desktop technology. The first is to understand which users are ideally suited to using virtual desktops. As organizations who have implemented virtual desktops have discovered, one size does not fit all. Virtual desktops are not appropriate for all of your users and it is vital to understand the right departments, users and locations in planning the implementation of virtual desktops.

If you can identify the right users, the second challenge is to balance user performance and cost. Initial implementations of virtual desktop technology often reported poor user performance and some organizations overcame this by significantly over-spending on infrastructure, but then found that the project was way over-budget.


How we can help

With Centrix WorkSpace iQ™, you can understand exactly how applications are being used today and identify which applications are used outside of the office. You can also see the dependencies between different applications and executables and where older, legacy technology may still be important. All of this information enables you to determine the right users for virtual desktop technology.

The event-driven analysis of application usage provides you with unparalleled rich, deep insight into resource utilization, allowing you to find out the peak logon times and maximum user and application session concurrency. You can then make certain the right infrastructure is in place to deliver good performance to users without significant over-spend.

With Centrix Software, you can deliver successful virtual desktop implementations at the right cost.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Great user experience of virtual desktop technology



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