Continuous IT Improvement


IT budgets are constantly challenged, with IT leaders consistently asked to do more with less. A significant percentage of any IT budget is spent ‘keeping the lights on’ and ensuring that existing applications are up and running, leaving relatively little available for new innovation.

Faced with the constant pressure to reduce on-going costs and yet deliver innovation at the same time, how can IT deliver?


How we can help

Through experience, we regularly see that 50% of all installed applications are never used, meaning that IT departments are consistently paying for software licenses that are not being utilized. With 50% of installed applications never used, this can amount to millions of dollars in many organizations.

Centrix WorkSpace iQ™ enables you to understand exactly what is being used and where. It gives you the data to re-negotiate enterprise agreements and to ensure that you are only paying for the licenses being used. With continuous metering and monitoring, it also provides analysis of when application usage changes and ensures that licenses can be re-allocated where appropriate rather than new licenses being purchased.

Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager customer?

For customers of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, we also provide capabilities to integrate our usage profiling directly into the SCCM interface, enabling companies to view detailed usage for all applications, all devices and all users. This helps organizations to maximize their SCCM investment and streamline ongoing IT operations.

Key Benefits

  • Dramatic reduction of IT costs
  • Investment available for innovation
  • Continuous optimization of IT resources



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