Consumerization and BYOD


Users are more technically competent today than ever. Driven by the experience of technology and the internet at home, where everything from online banking to downloading music has become both convenient and easy, the expectation is that corporate IT should be able to provide the same level of service. Users want to be able to reset passwords without a call to the helpdesk and be able to quickly and easily sign up for new services and applications that will improve their quality of work and productivity.

Users don’t want to be told what devices they can and can’t use, and even if they are, there is no guarantee that it will stop them. Often executives are the first to bring new devices into the office and expect IT to make their applications and content accessible.

This reality brings risks to any organization. Is data secure? Where is it being stored? Is provisioning and de-provisioning of application access properly controlled?

There are too many different devices and too many cloud-based services that users can easily sign up to for IT to dictate “this is how it is”. To be a business enabler, you have to embrace the consumerization of IT and the proliferation of devices that we see today.


How we can help

With Centrix WorkSpace™, you can embrace consumerization while maintaining visibility and control by focusing on the user, rather than the device.

Our workspace profiling provides complete visibility of all application and content usage, enabling you to identify the right delivery technology and establish where virtual desktops, application virtualization and cloud technologies can best be deployed to ensure device-independent access.

Our next generation workspace platform provides users with a single home page to access their applications and content from multiple different devices. Security is significantly enhanced by providing single sign-on to all applications, including cloud-based services, and users can request access to new applications through an easy-to-use service catalog.

Key Benefits

  • Embrace consumerization and BYOD
  • Visibility and control for IT
  • Reduce company risk



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