Accelerating the move to the cloud


The move to using more cloud-based applications has, more often than not, been led by business departments and users rather than IT. Encouraged by the experience as consumers at home, business users have increasing confidence in signing up for cloud-based applications to deliver the functionality they want, in the timescales they need, and with a pay-as-you-go cost model that does not require capital expenditure sign-off.

In many instances, IT may have little or no visibility of applications delivered from the cloud and where corporate data is being stored and accessed from. The chances are this is already happening in your organization. But you can gain visibility and control of what cloud-based applications are being used today and effectively plan your cloud strategy for the future.

How we can help

We can provide information on exactly which cloud applications are currently being used, enabling you to establish any risks associated with sensitive or commercially important data being stored and accessed outside of the traditional corporate network.

Through understanding all of the current application usage, Centrix WorkSpace iQ™ allows you to plan future cloud strategy and identify which applications can be delivered through either private or public cloud, and the right users to consume and use that technology.

Having identified which applications to deliver from the cloud, Centrix WorkSpace Universal™ then allows you to provide all access to cloud applications through a single interface that also provides access to applications delivered through other technologies, such application virtualization and streaming. To remove security risks, access to all cloud resources is provided through single sign-on, ensuring that when users leave an organization, they are never able to access individual cloud applications.

The path to cloud computing offers a number of advantages for any organization. With Centrix Software, you can understand cloud usage today, plan your strategy and deliver effectively and securely.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility and control for IT
  • Efficient planning of cloud strategies
  • Reduce company risk



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