WorkSpace iQ

WorkSpace iQ

Understanding which applications and devices your users have installed can be challenging enough. Understanding what is actually used is much, much harder. Centrix WorkSpace iQ is a workspace usage analytics tool that helps IT to understand the usage profile of every app, every device and every user.

Migrate and Run your WorkSpace with WorkSpace iQ

The WorkSpace iQ Suite delivers detailed and comprehensive real-time application, device and content usage analysis of apps, devices and content.

Application iQ’s usage data helps you rationalize software licences.

Desktop iQ helps you streamline and accelerate o/s migrations and desktop transformations by helping you only take the apps that are actually used.

Virtual iQ helps you right-size virtualization infrastructure, ensuring you deliver great performance for users at low cost.

Cloud iQ helps you plan which apps and users you can easily move to the Cloud, increasing user productivity and lowering your app provisioning costs.

365 iQ provides the usage analytics and insight you need to plan the migration and on-going management of your organisation's office suite and infrastructure to Microsoft (R) Office 365

Innovate your WorkSpace with WorkSpace Universal

WorkSpace Universal enables business users to access their apps and content from wherever they are across multiple devices, regardless of whether the apps are legacy, installed locally, delivered through virtualization technologies or cloud-based apps.

How do we help you?

Our products help you with the following initiatives:

  • Windows migrations and desktop transformations
  • Cloud transformations
  • Virtual transformations
  • Moving to Office 365
  • User self service
  • Enterprise app stores

Without Centrix WorkSpace™ you will have unhappy users, incur unplanned costs, miss out on significant savings and be exposed to transformation, security, compliance, over provisioning and vendor lock-in risks.

Centrix Software is the only company integrating workspace analytics with the WorkSpace Management delivery platform, enabling you to deliver:

  • The flexibility your users want quicker
  • Lower cost IT
  • Lower project risk

Understanding the usage of apps, devices and content is the foundation for any IT improvement. Learn how Centrix Software can help you make your users happy and put IT back in control.


WorkSpace iQ Suite

Migrate and run your WorkSpace with WorkSpace iQ

Centrix WorkSpace iQ™ is a workspace profiling and analytics solution that provides an unparalleled foundation for desktop transformation and ongoing IT management. The foundation is provided by Application iQ, which delivers the richest, deepest insight into application and device usage in the industry today. WorkSpace iQ then offers additional product packs, which deliver the usage intelligence to help you migrate and run Desktop, Virtual and Cloud environments.

Try WorkSpace iQ!

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Unique session-driven usage analysis that provides the most comprehensive view of application and device usage

Fully automated executable -> application -> application package -> usage matching for every single application in your environment

Usage analytics for software management and rationalization

Usage analytics for desktop management and migration projects

Usage analytics for planning and management of virtualization environments

Usage analytics for cloud migrations and continuous metering and monitoring of cloud application usage

Accelerate cloud adoption

Deliver IT control & flexibility

Right-size virtualization infrastructure

Reduce application packaging costs by up to 25%

Accelerate desktop transformation projects by up to 25%

Save 60% on usage audit costs

Reduce infrastructure costs by 25%

Reduce desktop TCO by £400 per year

Streamline ongoing software licence management

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