WorkSpace iQ provides business intelligence to understand the usage of your IT asset inventory, applications and content with powerful and customisable analytics.

The insights provided allow organizations to calculate the value of their current assets, rationalize unused applications, consolidate similar ones, and deliver best value in future workspace transformation projects. 

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A user's workspace

Migrate and Run your user's workspace with WorkSpace iQ

WorkSpace iQ is delivered through Centrix Software's SaaS infrastructure on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform meaning that you can start reporting on usage of your users' workspaces within a matter of hours.

The intuitive interface allows you to slice and dice information on your estate however you wish. There is also a pre-configured executive dashboard. WorkSpace iQ is modular and you can use different modules specific to your interest.

Application iQ is the foundation module and there are four separate add-on modules available as part of the suite, designed to aid you with various analysis and innovation initiatives:

365iQ provides the usage analytics and insight you need to plan the migration and on-going management of your organization's office suite and infrastructure to Microsoft® Office 365

Application iQ’s application usage insights helps you reduce application wastage, streamline your application portfolio and plan strategies to innovate your workspace.

Desktop iQ helps you optimize and accelerate operating system migrations and desktop transformations by allowing you to understand the applications which need to be migrated and where potential pitfalls may arise.

Virtual iQ helps you understand your current virtualized environment, plan for VDI and HVD projects and right-size your infrastructure, ensuring you deliver great performance for users at optimal cost.

Cloud iQ helps you plan which apps and users you can easily move to the cloud, increasing user productivity and lowering your app provisioning costs.

Delivered through Centrix Software's SaaS infrastructure, you can start reporting quickly and easily. And because Centrix Software have designed WorkSpace iQ with rapid data manipulation in mind, any authorized user can get to the information they need without being an expert. 

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