Microsoft Jumpstart

By using WorkSpace iQ in your Jumpstart Proof of Concepts (PoCs) and Production Pilots you can:

  • Accelerate desktop transformation projects
  • Increase conversion rates of PoCs and Pilots to full deployments
  • Significantly reduce the risk of Windows 7 rollouts

WorkSpace iQ is an end-user computing analytics solution that gives organizations deep insight into their computing environments, providing the ability to track application usage at a detailed, session level. This enables you to assist your customers in making fact-based, informed decisions about Windows 7 migrations that will enable prioritization and planning to ensure greater PoC and Pilot success.

Using WorkSpace iQ in Jumpstart projects

Centrix Software provides Micrososft Jumpstart program partners with free of charge WorkSpace iQ licences for both PoCs and Production Pilots:

  1. Lab deployed PoC for 5 days for up to 20 devices
  2. Production deployed PoC for 15 days for up to 100 devices
  3. Production deployed PoC for 10 weeks for up to 500 devices.

These licences enable you to collect usage information prior to the start of the formal project, providing rich insight into application usage from day 1 of the project.

Application usage insight

WorkSpace iQ provides detailed end-user analytics

  • Usage-based Windows 7 device migration reports, augmenting device compatibility assessments with usage information
  • Usage-based Windows 7 application migration reports, augmenting application compatibility assessments with usage information:
    • Number of installs
    • Number of devices used
    • Application usage
  • Application usage information as a valuable input into Windows 7 migration project prioritization planning

Getting Started

Contact Centrix Software to find out how to start the PoC for your customer:

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