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5 Sep 2014

Why aren’t you running IT as if you’d outsourced it?

By Jeremy Bullock, Centrix Software’s Chief Data ScientistHi there: enjoying er, are we still calling this strange season between the rainy bit and the cold and rainy bit the Summer? (To be fair, we did have a nice patch early on and it was quite ...

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23 Jul 2014
Understanding Usage |

Maybe The Asset Management Problem Is not What You Think It Is

By Henry Truong, Systems EngineerWhat’s stopping CIOs being able to really understand what’s actually going on with business use of tech?You may not think that’s a serious problem, of course. After all, as an IT leader you are possibly about ...

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15 Jul 2014

Why Is IT So Behind The Rest Of The Business?

By Jeremy Bullock, Centrix Software’s Chief Data Scientist Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?Take Company A, a distribution company. It has to move goods around the country, and to do this it has a fleet of 350 lorries. ...

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