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About Us

Centrix Software’s next generation workspace solutions provide secure, mobile access to applications and content, enabling flexible working and reducing annual desktop costs by up to 25%.

Unlike other solutions, our next generation workspace platform brings together legacy, physical, virtual and cloud applications and delivers them through a powerful yet simple self-service interface to business users seamlessly anywhere, on any device. Our technology and platform independent approach provides an extensibility that allows you to maximize existing investments while delivering end-user flexibility and choice.

Without Centrix WorkSpace you will have unhappy users, incur unplanned costs, miss out on significant savings and be exposed to transformation, security, compliance, over provisioning and vendor lock-in risks.

Our customers have begun their journey to the next generation workspace by using our workspace profiling, which has delivered significantly reduced annual desktop TCO through enabling them to understand user behavior and halve the number of applications as they transform.

Centrix Software is the only company integrating workspace profiling with the next generation workspace delivery platform, enabling you to deliver the flexibility your users want quicker, at lower cost and with lower risk.

Privately held, Centrix Software is headquartered in Berkshire, UK and its solutions are available through a global network of value-added partners and resellers.

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